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MDL boasts ten fully serviced boatyards in the UK, stretching from Devon to Kent. Eight are operated by MDL, whilst the services at Bray and Penton Hook are provided by partner operators. MDL's customers can still use the facilities at Dolphin Boatyard, the former Dartside Quay site.

Each one is recognised for its long tradition and experience in motorboat and yacht care, reinforced by our customers who return year after year to take advantage of this expertise. Coupled with an unrivalled choice of first-class marine service providers you'll find everything you need at an MDL boatyard to keep your boat in first class order.

But we don't just invest in our facilities - investment in our teams ensures that your boat is handled by people who care and use equipment designed for the task in hand. Our teams go to great lengths to make certain that whether we are providing boat lifting, storage ashore, pressure washing or towage, each service is delivered as the designer intended.

Our professional, highly qualified teams are also on hand to help identify quality providers. The wide range of marine trades and services available on site or close to our boatyards means we can put you in touch with experts specialising in everything from sail making and engine repairs to hull care and electronics. In fact, shore or afloat, we can cater for your every need.

We offer a range of services, including:

  • Pressure Washing - cleaning the boat hull with a high pressure water spray.
  • Lift, block off/load onto transport - boat lifted and placed in cradle or blocked off. Then lifted onto a transporter.
  • Relaunch/launch off transport - boat lifted off transporter and launched into the water.
  • Lift, hold and relaunch - boat lifted out of the water, held in slings for 30 minutes and then put back in the water.
  • Mast step single spreader - lifting single spreader mast and placing the mast ready for fitting onto the boat.
  • Mast step double spreader - as above but for a double spreader mast.
  • Mast unstep single spreader - lifting single spreader mast from the boat.
  • Mast unstep double spreader - as above but for a double spreader mast.
  • Towing / boat movement - within and outside the marina basin.
  • Storage Ashore - boats that are taken out of the water and kept on land (normally in the winter months). Also for masts.

Please note that the services offered does vary between each boatyard.

Boatyard Services

For a full list of the options available at each of our boatyards, please select from the list to the right.

Otium Rewards: MDL's New Loyalty Scheme

To reward our loyal berth holders and visitors in the UK, we’ve introduced Otium Rewards. Our brand new loyalty scheme is your fast-track to exclusive loyalty points and rewards. It’s free to join and every point you earn gives you £1 that can be spent on any of our services.

MDL Fuel

We supply only the highest quality fuel. To ensure we deliver on this promise, MDL fuel is regularly tested for its quality by an independent laboratory to ensure that it reaches the pump in prime condition. All MDL staff are trained in spill response, both on and off the water.

MDL operates high quality fuel facilities at the following marinas: Queen Anne's Battery, Brixham Marina, Cobb's Quay Marina, Hythe Marina Village, Port Hamble Marina, Northney Marina, Sparkes Marina, Bray Marina, Windsor Marina, Penton Hook Marina, Chatham Maritime Marina and Woolverstone Marina.


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