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Enjoy exclusive rewards with Otium

MDL berth holders and visitors in the UK enjoy exclusive rewards every time they purchase a service from an MDL marina or boatyard. Otium offers you the chance to generate points from purchasing services, points that can be redeemed at specific values against those additional services. Otium has been specifically designed to give you much more choice about how you use your MDL discounts. If for example you don’t use our lifting services, you can put your points towards discounted fuel or if you don’t use Freedom Berthing overnight stays put it towards your annual renewal. It’s a new way for us to give more choice to you.

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Tailored rewards for you.

Our brand new loyalty scheme is your fast-track to exclusive loyalty points and rewards. It’s free to join and every point you earn gives you £1 that can be spent on any of our services.

For small boats under 10m.

Designed for new boaters to experience the delights of being in an MDL marina, Simply Plus Otium offers a no-frills, highly competitive rate for boats under 10m. Earn Otium points for the services you purchase. Berthing plus Otium customers earn points at a higher rate, so for more rewards and more choice, why not upgrade to Berthing Plus Otium.


More rewards, more choice.

Our recommended berthing package helps you take your boating to the next level, by combining a quality berth with bigger rewards to ensure maximum enjoyment of your boat. Berthing Plus Otium includes 8 weeks storage ashore* at MDL boatyards and the ability to earn points that can be redeemed as discounts against any of our services.

Rack up your rewards.

Dry Stack Plus Otium is the increasingly popular way to store RIBs and motorboats up to 13 metres. And nobody does it better than MDL, the UK's leading Dry Stack provider. You can use your Otium points as discounts against fuel and overnight stays, great for the dry stack lifestyle.

The ultimate marina experience.

Upgrade to Platinum Plus Otium and enjoy unlimited overnight stays at any of our 18 UK marinas. Plus, with Otium, you can use your points on full gym and spa membership at 5* Southampton Harbour Hotel. Or use them to join our brand-new 35-station ECO-POWR™ gym at Queen Anne’s Battery in Plymouth and feel good whilst doing good.

Find Your Perfect Berth

Visitor Nights 10% back - 14 & 28 day cruising bundles available 10% back - 14 & 28 day cruising bundles available 20% back for paid visitor nights. 14 & 28 day cruising bundles available 20% back for paid visitor nights. 14 & 28 day cruising bundles available Free and unlimited†
Storage Ashore 8% back 8% back Up to 8 weeks* n/a Up to 8 weeks*
Boatyard Services 14% back 14% back 22% back 22% back 22% back
Fuel 2% back 2% back 17.5% back 17.5% back 17.5% back
Free WiFi
Free Car Parking**

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*30 days at Queen Anne's Battery
**Please refer to the marina tariff for latest parking charges
†Initial booking up to 30 days, which can be extended

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