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MDL has long supported sponsorship initiatives helping the marine industry to prosper and grow. We have backed the best in boating, along with different marine-related charities and community projects/events, and we remain committed to supporting initiatives in our industry and in local communities where we operate.

Our current sponsorships include:

Candela – SE Yachts


J Cup Regatta 2024

J CUP www.keyyachting.com

Nacra 15 Class Association

OYT www.nacra15.co.uk

Ocean Youth Trust South

ERIB www.oytsouth.org

RS Sailing

RS Sailing www.rssailing.com

RSYC Southampton Water

and Double Handed Racing

RSYC www.rsyc.org.uk

Sponsorship criteria

We receive a large number of sponsorship requests. Each proposal is evaluated fairly against the range of criteria listed below. Check the criteria list to see whether your proposal meets our requirements.


Does the sponsorship's values align with those of MDL which are:

  • Innovation - We are constantly evolving our products and processes to become more efficient, better connected and more inspiring to our customers and partners.
  • Pride - For more than four decades we’ve worked tirelessly towards becoming the industry leading marina group. We’re tremendously proud of all our accomplishments and they allow us to deliver the unique MDL experience to all berth holders, visitors, and commercial partners.
  • Experience - Managers of 19 marinas across the UK and Spain, two holiday parks and a state-of-the-art green gym. Landlords to over 400 businesses on our sites. Our portfolio is the perfect demonstration of our unrivalled expertise.

We offer a warm and friendly welcome

We operate clean and tidy sites

We provide a prompt and efficient service

We operate safe and secure sites

Target Audience

Does the sponsorship’s audience match with those of MDL?

No-Go Areas

Our brand is very important to us. We won't consider sponsorship opportunities that expose our reputation to risk.


The sponsorship should allow at least two months' lead time for activation.

Current Marketing Strategy

Does the sponsorship fit with MDL’s current strategy?


Does the sponsorship provide rights and allow multiple channel activation?

Exclusivity and Stand-Out

Is MDL the only ‘marina’, ‘holiday park’ or ‘gym’ brand involved?

Apply for sponsorship

If you think your request meets our requirements, please feel free to submit your proposal by completing the form below. Please note that whilst every proposal received is considered, we can only reply to those opportunities that we feel fit with our requirements. We will ensure that all enquiries sent to us are logged and held on file for future consideration should our focus and position change.

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Name of your sponsorship programme/event.
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A description of the sponsorship programme/event (including the location, aims and desired outcomes, target audience and any other details relevant to your request).
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The support being requested.
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The term of the sponsorship programme/event, including the month and year that it starts and ends.
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Supporting documentation for your sponsorship request.
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Benefits to MDL (list of benefits offered by the sponsorship programme/event).
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Marketing /media plan (outline of the marketing and media plan associated with the sponsorship programme/event).
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Measurement of outcomes (outline of the measures and processes you will use to evaluate the progress/success of the sponsorship partnership with MDL).
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Other sponsors (please list existing and other target sponsors/partners for the sponsorship programme/event).
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Any other information relevant to your request.
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If you would like to receive news and updates from us via the communication channels you have provided please check this box. You can change your preferences at any point by visiting the preference centre.

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