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With our Otium packages, you can use your reward points to add on cruising bundles. Whether you fancy a summer staycation in the West Country, or want to explore the stunning Catalan coast, our cruising bundles give you access to up to 160 marinas in some of the best locations in Europe. Whatever your plans, you can select from four bundles to suit your needs.

5-day UK cruising bundle

Enjoy 5 visitor nights at any of our UK marinas

110 Otium points

14-day UK cruising bundle

Enjoy 14 visitor nights at any of our UK marinas

300 Otium points

28-day UK cruising bundle

Upgrade to 28 visitor nights and explore more of our UK network

550 Otium points

Passeport Escales

Enjoy visitor nights at marinas in France, Spain and Portugal with Passeport Escales

500 Otium points

+ Save on visitor berthing + Visit marinas in the UK and Europe + Use your nights however you like + Add more bundles to keep on cruising + No change to your contract

Get going in 3 easy steps



Just get in touch with any of our UK marinas by email or phone



Our team will add your chosen bundle onto your account



Simply call or book ahead to enjoy your stay

*Berthing is always subject to availability. Only one bundle can be purchased at a time. Read full terms and conditions here.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Cruising Bundles can only be purchased using Otium loyalty points.
  2. Cruising Bundle nights do not need to be taken consecutively.
  3. Cruising Bundle nights do not expire and remain available for the full duration of Otium membership.
  4. No points are earned when purchasing a Cruising Bundle.
  5. Otium Members can purchase only one Cruising Bundle at a time.
  6. This offer is subject to a 14-day cooling off period. If any Otium member changes their mind within 14 days of purchase, the Cruising Bundle can be cancelled or upgraded providing no nights have been used.
  7. If an overnight stay has been used, the Cruising Bundle cannot be cancelled or changed.
  8. This offer cannot be used with any other promotions and will not apply to any existing suspended account or ownership transfers already notified to us and in process.
  9. Berth holders who are in arrears or in dispute with MDL Marinas will not qualify for this offer.
  10. MDL existing Terms and Conditions also apply, including those of Berthing Plus Otium membership which can be found on the MDL website and in your annual contract.
  11. This offer is subject to berth availability and MDL Marinas has the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice.
  12. Users’ personal data will be collected, stored and processed for the purposes of administering and assessing the Offer. MDL Marinas will comply with all requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018. For more information on how MDL processes personal data, please see our privacy policy.

Passeport Escales

  1. To benefit from Free Stays in participating French, Spanish and Portuguese Marinas, the Owner must contact their Home Marina to activate the Passeport Escales account. The Owner must also register with the Passeport Escales Scheme at either the Home Marina or by visiting
  2. During the Berthing Agreement the Owner is entitled to a maximum of up to 5 Free Stays at each of the Marinas participating in the Passeport Escales Scheme, subject to the following terms: (a) Only two consecutive Free Stays can be claimed at any one Marina, although the Owner can stay longer at the published overnight rate. (b) The Owner may return to the same Marina following a night away to continue their entitlement of Free Stays. (c) Certain Marinas within the Passeport Escales scheme act collectively as a small group. At these Marinas the 5 Free Stays are offered collectively within the group, rather than at each Marina. For a full list, please visit for details of each Marina or Marina Group entitlement.
  3. In order to activate the Free Stays at a qualifying Marina, the Owner must notify Passeport Escales, in advance, of the Owner’s registered details and of the period in which the Owner wishes to make use of the scheme. This must be done before 11am on the first day on which the Owner intends to use the Passeport Escales Scheme.
  4. Upon arrival at a qualifying Marina, the Owner is requested to proceed immediately (or the following morning if you arrive at night) to the Marina Office to inform the Marina Manager of your arrival in accordance with any Passeport Escales regulations. If the Owner does not inform the Marina Manager of their arrival the Owner may not receive the benefit of the Free Stay.
  5. The duration of any one Free Stay is up to 24 hours, calculated from noon on the day of arrival.
  6. If the Owner returns to their Home Marina prior to the expiry of the notified period of use of the Passeport Escales Scheme, the unused booked nights will be automatically cancelled and the Owner will be required to notify Passeport Escales in accordance with clause 4.3 if the Owner wishes to use the Passeport Escales Scheme again.
  7. The Passeport Escales account is not transferrable.
  8. Passeport Escales members in France, Spain and Portugal enjoy Free Stays at any MDL Marina in the UK (subject to availability and in accordance with their respective Home Marina Free Stay allowance – see No other Berthing Package benefits apply.
  9. Passeport Escales is owned and operated by a third party, Atout Portes. MDL accepts no responsibility for failure of the Passeport Escales online services or services provided at Passeport Escales network marinas. MDL Marinas operate only UK marinas within the Passeport Escales network and Owners are not eligible to use the MDL UK network for Passeport Escales qualifying stays.

The MDL Cruising Bundles offer is being promoted by MDL Marinas having its registered office at The Yacht Club, 1 Channel Way, Ocean Village, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 3QF.

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