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Simply Plus Otium is designed to encourage new boaters to experience the delights of being in a MDL marina, by offering a no-frills attached, highly competitive rate, for small boats. The Simply Plus Otium package is available at all of MDL’s 18 UK marinas subject to availability. Those opting for Simply Plus Otium will have a safe and secure berth, access to shoreside facilities and some of MDL’s wide range of services.

Earn Otium Reward points every time you buy MDL services. You can get back up to:


on your berthing fees


on fuel


on visitor berthing


on boatyard services


Earn points and enjoy rewards! To reward our loyal berth holders and visitors in the UK, we’ve introduced Otium Rewards. Earn points every time you purchase MDL services - for every 1 point you earn, we'll rewards you with £1 to spend on any of our services. Simply Plus Otium berth holders and Otium Reward visitors can use up to 25% of the total value they are purchasing with points. To have uncapped point spending and to earn more points, upgrade to Berthing Plus Otium.


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Simply Berthing
Simply Berthing
Simply Berthing

Terms & Conditions of Simply Plus Otium

Simply Plus Otium is a product designed to encourage new boaters to MDL marinas by offering a basic, no frills boat storage product for boats up to 9.9m. The product provides the customer with a berth, access to the showers and toilets and MDL’s wider services. You can earn Otium points at the same rate Otium Rewards for visitors do. You can 'spend' up to 25% of the total transaction value with the points you have earned. It does not include Freedom Berthing, boatyard discounts, storage ashore, car parking (chargeable in all locations and based on the rates payable at Torquay Marina - pay as you go, monthly and annual options are available) or fuel at cost.

Simply Plus Otium customers earn Otium points for the services that they purchase, they are capped at 25% when using points to buy services. Berthing Plus Otium customers earn points at a higher rate, so for more rewards and more choice that are not capped when spending them, you can upgrade to Berthing Plus Otium.

Simply Plus Otium is payable up front in advance in one easy payment. If paying two clear calendar months in advance of the contract start date customers will benefit from an early settlement discount. You can also pay by monthly Direct Debit but remember this agreement is a full 12 month term, you are obligated to make your payments for the whole 12 months.

Yes its only available where they are unsold berths in marinas under 10m (designated, not physical length).

Yes you can but only by terminating your current Berthing Plus Otium agreement by exercising MDL’s Annual Berthing Refund Policy terms. Customers are advised to be careful not to incur summer monthly berthing charges of a value greater than the benefit of the Simply Plus Otium product discount.

Yes you simply need to contact the marina manager to ensure that the switch is appropriate for you and the benefits you received. The marina manager will be able to calculate the value you received last year from your Berthing Plus Otium benefits so that you can establish if Simply Plus Otium is right for you.

Yes you can do this at any time by paying the difference between the two products for the unexpired period remaining on your agreement.

Yes you can, you must give us four weeks written notice and you will be subject to MDL’s standard annual berthing refund policy terms which can be found here. Please be aware that the Summer Monthly Berthing charge is the published Summer Monthly Berthing rate on MDL’s additional services tariff.

The Simply Plus Otium product is for a 12 month marina berth. Summer and Winter monthly berthing options are also available as an alternative product. If you wish to remove your boat during the winter then this product is not for you.

Yes but for maximum periods of 14 days, you must not live on your boat or use it for commercial or business activities. You must not use your boat for paid accommodation of any kind.

No, specific discounted terms are offered for commercial tenants and customers operating businesses such as charter. Please contact the marina manager for further details.

Simply Plus Otium is a marina berthing product designed to give you economical access to a high quality marina berth with no frills. Its for retail berthing customers only. Dry Stack Plus Otium is a different product offering you the chance to save money by having your boat ashore and where the team launch and recover your boat on request seven days a week. Simply Plus Otium is not available for Dry Stack.

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