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This Marina Life Podcast: Boat Preparation and Fault Finding Part 1

This special 2-part show is all about Boat Preparation and fault finding with the main aim to cover some of the most common issues we as boat owners experience.

It is designed to help provide you with some useful ideas to help you prepare your boat for the season ahead and also show you how MDL can offer some help to enable you to enjoy more time out on the water…...trouble free!

Among the Guests featured in this episode are Guy Addington from the RNLI, Peter Burgess from Motive Marine and Stuart Blake from Hamble Yacht Care. I also got to meet up with Barry Radband – an experienced MDL marina and boatyard manager from Shamrock Quay in Southampton who had some very useful observations to impart!

Watch out for Part 2 when it comes out in January.

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