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MDL Marinas Interview with Furyan Marine Technology

At the inaugural Green Tech Boat Show held earlier this year, we caught up with John Travis from Furyan Marine Technology.

The Furyan F35 is the first 35ft sea going Eco Hybrid marine sports cruiser with a serial electric hybrid propulsion system and integrated range extending generator. A British-built hybrid cruiser that aims to make offshore electric powerboating a reality.

The hull is manufactured using a natural lightweight fibre that can be recycled and has a low CO2 manufacturing ratio. 60% lower embodied energy than injection moulded GRP at the same stiffness and 40% lower weight. This material choice has a 77% reduction of CO2 over glass fibre construction, 90% cleaner than aluminium construction and is 97% cleaner than carbon fibre construction.

Find out more at furyanmarinetechnology.com.

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