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The Green Tech Boat Show

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Queen Anne's Battery
Ocean Building
01752 671142

Queen Anne's Battery, Plymouth

19 - 20 June 2021

Brand new for 2021, The Green Tech Boat Show will take place on 19 to 20 June at Queen Anne’s Battery, Plymouth.

At MDL, we're fully committed to a cleaner, greener future. Over the last few years, we've been truly delighted to watch the scales tip from the minority aiming to be environmentally responsible to the majority. We also know that boat owners want to see the revolution that's taking place in their work environments reflected in their leisure time.

But it's confusing. While more and more companies in the marine world are focused on bringing green technologies to the fore in practical ways to enhance sailing experiences, some consumers can struggle to unpick the sustainable options now available to them.

This is why we're putting together an event that presents the information in a practical way, showcased next to other green technologies. This will allow consumers to understand what the total offering could be, and how they can help the environment by investing in green technology today.

The show is specifically designed for boat owners wishing to make the switch to greener options, and prospective owners who’d like to start their boating journey in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

We’re working closely with the local authorities to ensure that the event will be Covid-secure and in line with the appropriate Government guidelines. Visitors will need to book an appointment in advance to view specific boats, and access to landside exhibits will be ticketed to the general public.

Exhibitors include:

2021 Show Layout
2021 Show Layout
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