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New parking systems with barrier controlled, ticketed, pay on foot / exit car parks are being introduced at a number of our marinas, including Ocean Village, Brixham, Cobb's Quay, Saxon Wharf, Shamrock Quay, and Queen Anne’s Battery. The following Frequently Asked Questions and answers have been developed to provided berth holders, tenants, and visitors with an overview of the operation of the new car parks.

How do I enter the barrier car parks?

With the exception of Saxon Wharf, berth holders and tenants just need to present their MDL Marinas card or Ocean Village card to gain free access to the car park. Visitors will need to take a ticket on entering the car park, and payment is made at either the cashless pay machine or at the pay on exit machine by card or Near Field Communication (NFC) e.g. Apple Pay. At Saxon Wharf the barrier is operated by ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). You only pay for the time you park, and you don’t have to worry about your pay & display ticket expiring if you stay longer than planned.

What about deliveries and drop-offs?

Each car park provided a duration of free parking, with no return within one hour. Your entry ticket can be used to exit the car park without the need to validate it at the pay machine. Saxon Wharf works on ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). The amount of free parking is as follows:

  • Ocean Village Marina - 20 minutes
  • Saxon Wharf - 1 hour
  • All other locations - 2 hours

Are there other ways to pay?

We have launched a new mobile parking app, MDL Parking, which can be downloaded from the Apple App or Google Play stores, or by scanning the QR codes in the marina car parks. The app enables you to quickly pay for and exit parking facilities via a smartphone, without needing to visit the payment machines, helping to beat the queues after an event or match day.


Will tenant parking permits still be used?

MDL Marinas or Ocean Village cards will replace tenant parking permits in all barrier-controlled car parks. We will issue building landlords with cards for their parking rights. Parking permits will still be used in some pay & display locations for tenants that do not park in barrier-controlled car parks.

Can I pre-book parking?

Yes, you can use the MDL Parking app to book parking spaces in Ocean Village, Brixham, Cobb’s Quay, Saxon Wharf, Shamrock Quay or Queen Anne’s Battery, or any other Jpass Parking app location.

Where can I purchase 5- or 7-day parking permits?

Long stay parking permits can be purchased through the MDL Parking app.

Who do I contact if I lose my ticket or have a problem leaving a car park?

The parking equipment has intercom buttons at the entry and exit points which will connect you to a member of our on-site team. You can avoid having issues with lost tickets by downloading the MDL Parking app.

Will you still issue parking fines?

The need to issue fines in barrier-controlled parking areas should be minimal, however we reserve the right to issue fines for breaches of our parking terms & conditions.

Where are the car parks located and which ones can I use?

Please use the links below, which shows the location and designation of each car park at that site.


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