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What is Berthing Plus Otium?

Otium is the name given to our Loyalty Scheme, which is Latin for leisure time. Otium offers customers the chance to generate points from purchasing services, points that can be redeemed at specific values against those additional services. Otium has been specifically designed to give our customers much more choice about how they use their MDL discounts. If for example you don’t use our lifting services, you can put your points towards discounted fuel or if you don’t use Freedom Berthing overnight stays put it towards your annual renewal. It’s a new way for us to give more choice to you.

Otium is available to all of our customers - visitors, monthly berth holders, annual berth holders. However, to get the very best out of your points your long-term annual commitment to us is key, hence loyalty.

In the future we hope to bring our customers points offers from our tenants and other third-party suppliers, the possibilities are endless! But for now, you can earn and redeem your points wherever you are whenever you wish on all of MDL’s services.

Can I earn points as a Freedom Berth Holder?

No. Otium is a new way for annual berth holders to use their MDL discounts giving you more choice on the products you would like discounted even choosing to hold all of your points to use against next year’s renewal. But customers who berth with us already can retain their MDL Freedom Berthing discounts and services which today include up to 20% discounts on boatyard services, Freedom Berthing overnight stays, fuel at cost and so on.

All of our existing annual Freedom Berthing members will be offered the choice of remaining on a standard Freedom Berthing agreement with the benefits applicable to that product, or move to the new berthing with Otium product where they will be given points up front applicable to the fee they have paid to be redeemed against MDL service discounts. The choice is yours, so if you don’t like change stick with the Freedom Berthing you have enjoyed with us but if you would like to see the real benefit of choice ask about making a switch when it’s time for you to renew.

What do I get as a new Berth Holder?

New berth holders will automatically join our Berthing Plus Otium scheme, this includes 8 weeks storage ashore at MDL boatyards (30 days at Queen Anne's Battery) and the ability to earn points that can be redeemed at specific discounts against those additional services. If you settle your berth up front in advance, we will give you your starter points there and then and you can use them whenever you wish and on whatever you want.

What if I am a Simply Plus Berthing berth holder or swing mooring customer?

If you are a Visitor, Simply Plus Berthing or Swing Mooring customer, you can earn Otium points for the services you purchase. This earning rate is at a much smaller amount than the berthing with Otium customers and you don’t receive any points when you first join. Points can be generated via the use of MDL’s services at the tariff price and these can be used as discounts on other or the same services at a future date.

What if I am a Dry Stack Customer?

New dry stack berth holders will move straight to the Dry Stack Plus Otium scheme, the ability to earn points that can be redeemed at specific values against those additional services. This new scheme gives you much more flexibility than ever before, whilst you don’t need storage or lifting you can use your points as discounts against fuel and overnight stays, great for the dry stack lifestyle.

What if I am a resident or lease berth holder?

Some residents and lease berth holders in MDL Marinas receive limited discounts on some MDL services, this includes lifting discounts and some limited overnight stays. These benefits which do not form part of the lease and have been granted over time by MDL and can be changed, updated or amended any time but will not automatically switch to Otium. The Otium loyalty scheme is designed to give all our customers more choice, residents or lease holders may join and use the scheme generating points on our services to be used against future services, if done on a wholesale basis not as an individual. Residents and lease berth holders have the same redemption and earning value as visitors as no berthing payments are made. Service charge and berth rental payments are exempt from Otium.

How do I pay for Berthing Plus Otium?

Berthing Plus Otium is payable up front in advance in one easy payment or is available as a Direct Debit. If paying up front in advance which you can do up to the day your boat arrives you will benefit from a 5% of the value of the contract Otium point injection. You can also pay by monthly Direct Debit but remember this agreement is a full 12-month term, you are obligated to make your payments for the whole 12 months and will earn Otium Points at a rate of 5% for each monthly payment. All Visitors can earn Otium Reward points on purchases of MDL Services.

How much are my points worth?

Each point on your account is worth a £1 discount against and MDL product or service (terms and conditions and restrictions apply, see contract for further details). Otium points have no cash value. They can only be redeemed on qualifying MDL or Otium partner services or used to renew a Berthing Agreement. Other than this, points cannot be cashed in or credited against an Otium Points Account Holder’s account.

Is berthing subject to availability?

Yes, it's only available where they are un sold berths in marinas.

I am a Freedom Berthing member and I do not use the benefits. Can I switch to Berthing Plus Otium?

Yes, you can but only by terminating your current Freedom Berthing agreement by exercising MDL’s Annual Berthing Refund Policy terms or you can wait for your annual renewal to be sent to you.

Can I upgrade to Berthing Plus Otium part way through my Simply Plus Berthing or Swing Mooring contract?

Yes, you can do this at any time by paying the difference between the two products for the unexpired period remaining on your agreement.

I have a Berthing Plus Otium agreement; can I cancel it and receive a refund?

Yes you can, you must give us four weeks written notice and you will be subject to MDL’s standard annual berthing refund policy.

I have a trailer for my boat. Can I have Berthing Plus Otium for the summer season and put my boat on my trailer for the winter and remove it from the marina?

The Berthing Plus Otium product is for a 12-month marina berth. But you can still earn Otium Reward Points as a monthly or daily visitor. However, Otium gives you more choice about how you use your discounts on our services, so if you do have a 12 month Otium berthing agreement with us and would like you use your points to pay for trailer storage at an MDL Marina you can do so. Just contact the marina directly to make these arrangements.

I am a commercial tenant. Can I have Berthing Plus Otium for my fleet?

Yes – your business will earn Otium Reward points if you are on a Berthing Plus Otium contract. These reward points can be redeemed at specific values against additional services.

How are Otium points earned?

Otium points will be automatically added to accounts on the remaining invoice amount, after deductions of any points used for any transaction. Points earned on a transaction will be available to spend on an account within 2 working days.

Can I use Otium points earned in the same transaction?

Points earned on a transaction cannot be used for that transaction.

What is the value of an Otium point?

The current conversion value of points is one point equals one pound (£1).

Is there a limit on how many Otium points I can spend?

As a Berthing Plus Otium member, you can spend 100% of your points against the value of an MDL service in one transaction. Otium Rewards members (visitors), Simply Plus Berthing members, swing mooring customers, and other berth holders (non-Freedom Berthing) can use a maximum of 25% of the total cost of the service. For example, if a service is £100 then a maximum of 25 points can be used.

Are Otium points linked to my boat or to me?

Otium points collected are linked to the main Otium customers’ account allowing them to spend their points as they wish. Members are only entitled to one Otium account each but may have multiple owned boats in the account (boats must be proven to be in the account holders name). MDL reserves the right to refuse, merge or close additional accounts at any time.

I’m a visitor and want to convert to a berth holder. What happens to my points?

Customers converting from a visitor status to a berth holder will automatically keep the points balance and will start to earn on the berth holder rate.

I’m a berth holder and want to convert to a visitor. What happens to my points?

Customers converting from a berth holder status to a visitor will automatically lose any points held on account.

Can I earn Otium rewards on purchases made with Otium reward points?

Points are earned on the paid value of a transaction. For example, if you visit another MDL Marina for a week and you use your Otium loyalty points to pay for 2 of the 7 nights you will earn points on the value paid for the remaining 5 nights.

Is there a cap on the Otium points I can earn?

You can earn a maximum of 10,000 points in a 12-month period.

How are Otium points redeemed and can I exchange them for cash?

Points are redeemed using the oldest points first. Points can only be used for purchasing products and services from MDL Marinas where MDL Marinas is providing those services or MDL 3rd party suppliers who are subscribed to this scheme and cannot be converted to cash, vouchers, or any other scheme.

What happens if I need to credit a service or purchase I have made?

Points will be reimbursed to the members account on transactions that have been reimbursed. If you pay for a service you don’t then use and that service is credited back to you then the points you earned when using that service will also be removed from your account.

Do earning points fluctuate?

Yes, earning points on MDL services can fluctuate dependent on various factors including the cost to MDL to provide that service.

What happens if I decide to leave the Otium Rewards Scheme?

Members can choose to leave the scheme at any time. By leaving the scheme members forfeit the right to any points already accrued or issued, unless converting to a berth holder from a visitor.

Do I get free storage ashore on Otium?

You are entitled to up to 8 weeks storage ashore free of charge at an MDL marina. The various marinas within the MDL network have varying storage arrangements so please contact your Home Marina for further guidance relating to storage ashore. Queen Anne's Battery in Plymouth offers 30 days storage ashore for Otium customers.

What are the terms and conditions of Otium?

The terms and conditions for both Berthing Plus Otium and Otium Rewards can be found via the following links:


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