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Vanclaes launch coil-spring suspension system for boat trailers

Regardless of whether the boat trailer is being moved with a full load, part load or empty, the new Vanclaes independent wheel suspension, with double coil spring travel, will ensure safe contact with the road at all times.

Whether gravel roads, A-roads, B-roads, or motorways, every surface is compensated for with a smoother and safer ride.

Working in conjunction with our ‘standard-fit’ damper located at each wheel, hard hits from uneven surfaces created by pot-holes, speed bumps and so forth are actively neutralised. The towing vehicle and boat will suffer fewer shocks than trailers with other types of suspension system.

True-to-track and neutral handling are guarantors for the safe arrival of your boat.

Another advantage is the trailer is much lighter with this new axle system, for the reason that stainless steel is lighter than galvanised steel. The axle is perfectly integrated with the bracket from our Vanclaes wheels and support systems. This will eliminate one or more cross-sections, and customers can expect to save +/- 30 kg with a single axle trailer, or 60 kg to 100 kg with a twin, or triple-axle trailer.

These new axles are made entirely of stainless steel and are therefore even better integrated with the ‘look and feel’ of the trailer. This means protection against corrosion has moved to an entirely new level and your Vanclaes trailer has become even more valuable!

In addition to drum brakes with sealed bearing hubs, supplied as standard, we can upgrade your new Vanclaes trailer with disc-brakes and oil-filled wheel bearings.

The surcharge for this super new coil-sprung system will be low. For only 250 Euros including VAT per axle, you can have the latest innovation in your Vanclaes stainless steel boat trailer. Orders taken now can still be delivered before the summer season begins.

The team at Vanclaes will be with us at the South Coast & Green Tech Boat Show on Stand 2 in the shoreside area. Book yourself a free show ticket here and come along to talk to them about their new coil-spring suspension system.

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