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The Boat Investment Opportunity

We have partnered with a new and exciting project coming to the Solent, The Boat. The Project is a floating restaurant that will be based in the Solent and accessible primarily by water.

The restaurant will be operated through the summer by the same group behind The Hut, and will be a unique experiential concept. The Boat is looking to close up its founding membership which will also include an equity stake in the project, and as part of the partnership is offering it to MDL members first. Click here for details.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at members@theboatiow.com, or you can find more details in the Project Deck.

If this is of any interest, please submit the following Subscription Agreement to the members email above, and you will be provided with further details on the execution process. Please note the the minimum participation to receive a membership is £9,000.

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