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MDL Marinas achieves highest Cyber Essentials Plus certification for its digital infrastructure

We are proud to confirm that we have been awarded the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, a government backed scheme to validate businesses that operate at the highest level of cyber security.

Organisations achieving this level of certification must demonstrate they are in control of their user accounts and all privileges that allow access to their organisational data and services, including third party accounts.

The team have worked incredibly hard to attain this level, after being awarded the Cyber Essentials certification in December 2023. Through dedication and perseverance, we have developed a clear picture of our cyber security across our entire IT infrastructure and put in place key protection measures to prevent future cyber attacks, offering peace of mind not only to our team members, but also to our stakeholders, berth holders and other businesses using our IT services.

From our online visitor berthing booking system and Otium Rewards scheme to our new Falco Smart Wireless Technology, our operations are increasingly online based. The decision to better secure our IT systems against cyber attacks will prove a vital one as we move towards a digital set-up for the majority of our user-based systems.

Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme that helps organisations protect themselves against a whole range of the cyber attacks. These can come in many forms, although the majority are quite rudimentary, carried out by unscrupulous individuals with limited skills; the digital equivalent of a thief attempting to break into your home, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are used by organised criminal groups to steal money, information or simply cause business disruption.

Having the Cyber Essentials Plus certification shows that we are capable of guarding against cyber threats ensuring our customers can rest assured their data and information are safeguarded with the utmost diligence.

We are incredibly proud to have been awarded Cyber Essentials Plus certification backed by the UK government and National Cyber Security Centre. This achievement underscores our steadfast commitment to the highest standards of cybersecurity.
Keith, Head of IT for MDL Marinas

“This is a huge accomplishment and testament to all the hard work performed on our cybersecurity and support of the wider business in putting these in place. This certification not only demonstrates our dedication to protecting sensitive information but also enhances trust and confidence among our valued customers and partners.”

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