Supporting our tenants so they can support others

Posted: 5th May 2020

Supporting our tenants and fulfilling their needs during the lockdown is very important to us. For tenants and contractors who can’t work from home and provide essential services, we’re keeping the marinas and boatyards accessible, provided jobs can be performed safely and in line with Government guidelines, so that they can continue their work, provide essential services and keep others employed. 

Putting this into practice recently at Dartside Quay, the boatyard team helped to get the fishing vessel, Tenacious, back in the water following a shorter than planned refurbishment.

The skipper, as tenacious in nature as his boat is in name, was determined to get his crew of eight back out catching fish, ensuring the they remained able to earn a wage, support their families and could supply fresh fish and crabs to the local area.

Former Hythe Marina Manager, Mike Lawrence, now runs his own business, A2Sea Marine, from the marina. Following many years as a Coxswain Mechanic with the RNLI, Mike started his own commercial charter and training company, running three power vessels from Hythe. As part of this, he facilitates sea survival training for the Aviation Industry.

“Still having access to my boats has enabled me to continue with the valuable in water training that I do for military pilots,” says Mike. “This mandatory training allows them to stay up to date with their accreditations and keeping them flying.”

The marinas may not be seeing their regular flow of berth holders and visitors, but we’re continuing to maintain the facilities to ensure that, when it’s time to come back, everything will be in excellent condition ready for your use.