Passeport Escales FAQs

1. What is the Passeport Escales scheme and who runs it?

Passeport Escales is a free visitor berthing scheme in France which is run by private French marina operator, Sagemor, who started the programme over 20 years ago. Other French, Spanish and Portuguese marina operators have now joined the scheme to increase the network even further.

2. Who is entitled to the Passesport Escales scheme and when will it be available?

The scheme is available to Freedom Berthing members from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 (the berthing season).

3. How many marinas are in the Passeport Escales scheme?

There are currently 150marinas in the scheme and it’s continually growing - please refer to for the current list of participating marinas.

4. Is the Passeport Escales scheme part of Freedom Berthing and do members have the same Freedom Berthing entitlements in France as they do in the UK?

The French, Spanish (with the exception of Sant Carles Marina) and Portuguese marinas in the scheme are not operated by MDL and therefore different entitlements apply.

5. How many visitor nights are Freedom Berthing members entitled to?

Freedom Berthing members are entitled to up to 5 free visitor nights at each of the participating marinas. Only two consecutive free nights can be claimed, although you can stay longer at the normal overnight visitor rate. Members may return to the same marina following a night away to continue their free entitlement.

6. How much on average does it cost for an overnight stay at the Passeport Escales marinas?

Based on a 10m boat at April 2019 exchange rate, the average cost is £26 excluding taxes.

7. Are there any conditions for the Passeport Escales scheme?

The only condition of the scheme is members must ‘check out' on leaving their home marina or other MDL marina if visiting another site.

8. How does the Passeport Escales scheme work?

The entitlement is activated when members ‘check out’ of their home or MDL visitor berth. Upon arrival, the marina is aware of the entitlement via a sophisticated system and is committed to finding a berth for visitors.

9. How do Freedom Berthing members ‘check out’ and take advantage of the scheme?

Using the Freedom Berthing Card number, members can ‘check out’ to activate the entitlement:

  • Via the Passeport Escales website – a fully automated online system
  • Via a fully automated telephone system - Tel: 0203 445 0464
  • Advise the marina office

A brochure of all the 2019 participating marinas, including information on how to activate your account and use the scheme, is available for Freedom Berthing members at their home marina.