The Woodbridge Boatyard team have partnered with Vetus and Super B, two of the industry’s leading manufacturers to develop a complete package comprising an integrated propulsion and control system with plug-and-play expansion options to maximise flexibility and ease of integration.

The system fitted to the launch shown at the Southampton International Boat Show and available in our ‘Evolectric’ demonstrator comprises a 10kw liquid-cooled motor, a 48 Volt, 420 Amp Hour lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) modular battery bank, a 3.3kW charging system and CANbus controls. Uniquely, the integration of auxiliary systems such as echosounder, DC-DC inverter, touchscreen and GPS have already been installed, making this a truly ready to use system.

In the 18ft ‘Evolectric’ day boat, the system ensures that hull speed is comfortably reached. A >24 hour run time is achievable at 4 knots and 8 hours run time at 5.5 knots.

She is a 1995 18ft Courier Class launch, refurbished and fitted out by Woodbridge Boatyard. She is powered by an 11kW Vetus E-Line motor and 420Ah, 48V Super B lithium iron phosphate battery. Even with her un-optimised hull, in real-world testing she has demonstrated a range of 25 nautical miles at 5.5 knots (her design hull speed), almost 60 nautical miles at 4.5 knots (upper Thames speed limit) and over 100 nautical miles at 3.5 knots with 20% SOC in reserve. With her second-life hull, biocide-free antifouling and electric drivetrain she is a demonstration of achievable, green boating.

Complete flexibility is the name of the game so we offer liquid and air-cooled motors with power from 4kW – 10kW. In tandem, twin motor systems can be fitted if desired. The capacity of the 48V battery bank starts at 105Ah and can be easily increased by bolting on more 105Ah modules. Would you like an electric bow thruster? Or a pod-drive rather than a shaft? All standard options.

Our team can advise on repowering existing craft and on new build projects. Our workshop facilities at Woodbridge and Waldringfield can handle projects from 16ft to 45ft with full engineering and shipwright services.

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