The Vita SEAL is an all-electric commercial RIB’s compatible with fast DC charging. Combining high performance and practicality with a 1 hour charge time, the Vita electric workboats are ideally suited to the operational requirements of ports and marina’s.

At the reduced speeds typical of port activity, the SEAL offers up to 10 hours of continuous use capability, while DC supercharging allows for rapid top ups between shifts with a 20 – 70% charge taking as little as 30 minutes. Instant high torque means that complex manoeuvres can be completed with ease, with Vita proprietary responsive controls providing maximal towing and pushing force even at low RPM.

At 7.2m LOA configurations and squared-off bow, the SEAL is designed to facilitate operations between pontoons and other restricted spaces. Both boats are customisable for the specific requirements of individual ports. The absence of toxic fumes and spillages associated with traditional petrol work boats benefits both water quality and the working conditions of boat operators.

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