UK Debut of the Virtue V10 Top

The V10 is a high-tech, low-carbon day cruiser for eco-conscious consumers who expect the most contemporary products on the market and also care about tomorrow’s planet. Combining its highly spirited character with luxury standard equipment and quality, the V10 is inspired by Scandinavian style, boasts highly efficient Swedish Petestep hull technology, and powers through waves using Norwegian electric EVOYoutboards (as one of the engine options).

With the option of a fixed roof for permanent protection from the elements, this boat boasts many features for active relaxation and fun in the water, while using every trick in the boat building book to be more efficient and ecological. Virtue also offer the V10 Open, that is as beautiful as the V10 Top with all the same options, but the freedom to let your spirits reach the sky. The super-efficient hull with the possibility of fully electric propulsion for the most visionary buyer takes eco-friendly boating to another level.

The V10 features is a modern open-bow center console design. The deck allows up to 8 people to relax or be active in ultimate comfort. The bow features a double sunbed with cupholders, while aft, there is a flexible seating area on top of spaciously designed storage lockers. The area can be configured as either benches individually facing forward or backwards with the table in the middle raised, or as a comfortable sunbed with the table lowered.


  • Total length without engine: 9.89m
  • Total length with engine: 9.95m
  • Beam: 2.90m
  • Hull immersion: 0.41m
  • Immersion with dual engine: 0.74m
  • Buoyancy: 3025 kg
  • Max engine power: 600 hp (twin engine)
  • Fuel tank: 420 litres
  • Fresh water tank: 100 litres
  • Black water tank: 60 litres
  • Gray water tank: 40 litres
  • Maximum crew: 8
  • Construction: GRP

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