TEMO Electric Outboard Engines are perfect for dinghies, small sailboats, small and large tenders, available in two models they are designed to be light, portable and easy to use.

The TEMO-450 watt electric outboard is comparable to a 2HP petrol outboard but a fraction of the weight at 5kg, with no ongoing service or maintenance costs. Extremely light and portable the unique single unit design houses the 450-watt motor, battery and control unit in a robust IP67 waterproof rated enclosure. Extremely compact Its telescopic handle reduces the engine down to only 130cm in length making it easy to store onboard or in the car. Made in France, with a high-quality approach, the TEMO-450 electric outboard motor is reliable, durable and very easy to use, perfect for slipway to mooring and boat to beach journeys.

The NEW TEMO·1000 electric outboard motor is a powerful and environmentally friendly outboard, designed for large 6-person dinghies, tenders and small keelboats, sports keelboats and sailing yachts up to 8 meters. Weighing only 15Kg (including the 5kg removable battery) the TEMO·1000 is ergonomic in design and extremely easy to carry onboard and install onto your sailing boat or tender. A retractable handle and cassette battery ensure it takes up minimal space onboard or in transport. The 1000W motor and unique propeller design optimise performance, delivering a static thrust of 28kg (equivalent to 3HP) allowing you to propel a large 6-person dinghy or a small sailing boat up to 8 metres. The retractable handle with twist grip control enables the outboard to be used directly on the back of a sailing boats yacht purely as propulsion using the boats tiller to steer.

TEMO takes care of both boaters and the environment. They are SIMPLE, ERGONOMIC & PORTABLE!

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Calypso Instruments solid-state ultrasonic wind meters

Delivering highly accurate wind speed and direction data for cruising and racing sailors, which enables them to make decisions with confidence. Ultrasonic sensor technology has many advantages over conventional cup and vane anemometers which have moving parts such as ball bearings that can bind with age or get easily damaged. Calypso Instruments are an NMEA wind sensor that allow the user to measure wind speed and direction in real time and connect it to a boats NMEA wind display or network and via Bluetooth to smartphone, tablet or watch, enabling live data to be viewed and saved for analysis. Used by cruising sailors, racing yachtsmen, dinghy and keelboat sailors, coaches and race management teams.

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