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We are the largest independent sailing holiday company in the UK. We love sailing and so know exactly what goes into an outstanding holiday. We own and run our own flotilla yachts, as well as working with local yacht owners, all sourced from a select pool of suppliers throughout the Mediterranean for more bespoke holiday options.

With lots of glitzy websites bustling for space on search result pages, it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff! It is easy to build a flashy website (or print a glossy brochure...) but a lot more difficult to deliver an amazing sailing holiday in the sunny Greek Islands. That is all we do!

Sure the other stuff is important – great boats, in awesome locations, with great sailing – but we believe our superiority lies in our people. From the moment you speak to someone on the telephone or via email, you are talking to someone who has worked and been on our sailing holidays. They know first-hand what the boats are like, which areas will suit you best and even what the weather might be like! Out on holiday, the supporting staff have unrivalled knowledge of the areas and their yachts so you are in safe hands.

Being part of Sailing Holidays comes with great responsibility in assuring that the yachts and people we use are extremely good quality. We own and run our own fleet of 180 yachts that sail on flotillas throughout the Greek Islands. These are all maintained in house, by our team in Corfu, who have unrivalled knowledge of everything from sails to those all-important engines! When it comes to independent yacht charter, we know it is even more important, that your yacht is both desirable and (most crucially) dependable. When booking a bareboat, skippered charter or luxury crewed yacht you can rest assured that we travel numerous times a year, to inspect the yachts and meet all the people involved. Sailing with us you have confidence knowing that the yacht and people are of the best standard around and that you have us here in the UK whenever you need any assistance.

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