RAD was founded in 2018 by Dan Hook and Rich Daltry, who previously built and developed some of the World’s most advanced marine robot boats for the offshore industry, defence and oceanographic sectors. They saw an opportunity to deploy technologies found in ocean robotics to serve the wider marine industry.

The RAD team comprises a team of experts in product design, mechanical and automotive engineering; electrical, electronics, software and systems engineering; naval architecture, marketing, brand development and finance. We have extensive and varied experience in marine product development – from radars to remote controlled waterborne robots – with a proven track record of deploying cutting edge technology into the marine environment. All of us at RAD are passionate water enthusiasts and have an in-depth understanding of the harsh maritime environment, gained first hand, both professionally and in our leisure time.

At RAD we offer modular and flexible propulsion drives to fit a range of boat configurations. Both current and future products connect through our RADBus drive-by-wire system architecture. We provide boat manufacturers with product integration services to support the journey to electrification.

The RAD 40 can be used in single and twin outboard configurations and combined with a choice of 400 volt fast charging battery packs offers designers complete freedom in their choice of layout. RAD Propulsion’s flexible system architecture offers catamaran builds a choice of single and twin RAD 40 drives and battery configurations to suit a range of layout options. We work with boat builders to configure the most efficient and balanced propulsion solution for each vessel.

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