Pegasus KeelKrab


Pegasus KeelKrab is an eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective solution that solves the basic routine maintenance and fouling problems of boat hulls and saves boat owners time and money.

Traditionally routine maintenance of the hull has been to have it lifted, scrubbed, repainted and relaunched at least once a year and this is a costly, time-consuming, labour-intensive and inconvenient basic yet necessary task. Pegasus KeelKrab is the solution.

For a one-off or annual subscription, the Pegasus team come to your boat to unleash the KeelKrab. Powerful suction motors attach it firmly yet gently to the keel allowing the operator to manoeuvre it completely around the boat to clean. Whilst moving, powerful contra-rotating nylon brushes act with the suction motors to remove all clinging film, algae and marine deposits to take it back to the anti-foul paintwork and, if needed, stainless steel brushes and ultra-sonic waves are able to deal with the most persistent growth.

All removed fouling is suctioned into a mesh bag to be used as nitrogen-rich organic compost. A high-resolution 4K video feed allows us to inspect the hull in real-time as well as live stream the clean to you the client.

With various packages available, from one-off cleans to “racing cleans” we take the hassle and inconvenience out of this most basic of boat maintenance regimes giving you 100% peace of mind. With no detergents or cleaning agents involved, it’s also 100% eco-friendly with nothing being released back into the water.

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