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Elecsea from Openarc Marine is a high performance hydro electric generator for use in marine applications including sailing boats as well as static locations where water flow can be harnessed for electrical generation. The unique capability of Elecsea is its ability to adapt to the flow of water passing across the turbine and yield energy at a wide range of water speeds.

Elecsea is ideal for:

  • Sail boats that want energy across a wide range of cruising speeds while minimising the effects of turbine/generator drag.
  • Tidal energy harvesting where water current flows increase and decrease depending on the rise and fall of the tide.

A key feature of Elecsea is its innovative coupling and control system that enables the turbine to electrical generator interface to be adapted depending on electrical demand and water flow speed.

The patented control system enables a larger turbine to be deployed than typically used in transom mounted hydro electric generators systems. The larger turbine in combination with the coupling and control system enables a wider operating window than comparative systems, allowing useful electric energy to be harvested at relatively low flow speeds and high electrical energy at speeds of 8 to 10 knots and above. With a growing global demand for clean energy Elecsea provides the marine industry with a sustainable, adaptable and scalable solution for generating electricity in a range of applications.

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