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Bluewater marine equipment specialist, Mactra Marine will be launching the Power UP range of hydrogen generators. New to the UK market, the Power UP range offers user-friendly electrical power sources, providing entirely green electricity, with models producing 200W, 400W and 1kW to revolutionise how power is generated on yachts and ocean rowing boats.

PowerUP series generators are user friendly and safe electrical power sources that provide entirely green electricity for your appliances. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to their light weight you can easily take them with you wherever you plan a trip or just want to spend some time off-grid.

PowerUP's generators are based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, which makes power generation efficient and environmentally friendly. tfuel cell based generators use hydrogen gas as fuel. The chemical energy of the fuel is directly converted to electrical energy. To generate electricity, the generator combines hydrogen with oxygen from the surrounding air. The only byproduct of this reaction is small amount of pure water.

Power Up200 

The 200W generator is designed to fit your needs and offer the ultimate plug & play solution. Easy to use with a smart and compact design, the UP200 gives you energy independence.

A single 9 Litre cylinder (3.8kg) can provide you with 18 hours of autonomy at full power (200W). Whereas our 50 Litre cylinder can last up to 190 hours at half power.

Using its 3.8kg hydrogen bottle the UP200 will run a Schenker Zen 30 watermaker for around 30 hours making 30 litres an hour giving 900 litres of watermaker water (or power anything else onboard). This is an ideal solution for those adventurers where sunshine to provide solar power is much less reliable. It’s only emission is water.

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