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We are an engineering company run by engineers. We have ideas we make them happen. So when it comes to our environment and the places we call home, let’s think carefully and act on what we know. Liquid cooling allows our direct drive motor range to be the most efficient we produce. Selected and designed for new-builds and conversions they provide clean and quiet performance with characteristically high torque. Our kits come in a few difference sizes and motor types, pick a power rating below to find the one that is right for you.

Why electric?

This section is not to drive a hard sale or inflate the idea of electric beyond all else, but by the end of this short informative chapter we hope that some questions are answered and you are one step closer to deciding if it’s the right choice for you and your boat.

The main function of electric propulsion is no different to that of the diesel engine: provide forward and reverse motion for your boat. Our goal is to provide an available solution to those looking for alternative means of propulsion. In this case - Electric.

Through thoughtful design and carful manufacture we have produced a range of electric propulsion systems aimed at a wide variety of vessels.

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