2022 saw the Emergensea Duo take on both of the ‘World's Toughest Rows' in the same year raising an amazing £40,000 for frontline medical charities.

For their next challenge Adam & Charlie are quite literally going to the ends of the earth to take on an extreme swimming challenge. They are aiming to swim an official ‘Ice Kilometre’ in the frigid waters of both the Arctic Circle and Antarctica in nothing more than a standard swimming costume, aka speedos for Adam. No wetsuits, no lard, no excuses; bringing a whole new meaning to ‘baby it’s cold outside’!

The pair will need to push their bodies harder than ever before requiring significant physiological adaptation to be able to even survive the extreme conditions where water temperatures are likely to be between -1°C and 4°C. To put this into context more people have walked on the moon than have swum a kilometre at both poles.

Polar Swim Challenge

Between roughly 3 to 30 minutes we will start to get cooling to our nerves and muscles, predominantly in our arms and legs due to their body mass to surface ratio. This is a huge problem as control of our arms and legs is pretty essential for swimming! For every 1°C drop in local temperature around these muscles there is a 4-6% decrease in muscular performance.

When the local temperature in our arms and legs cools to <20°C the electric signals that control muscle contractions start to slow. When this drops to <15°C our arms and legs will start to feel dead. We are also at risk of hypothermia as cold water conducts heat away from the body 24 times greater than cold air.

And if the cold isn’t enough of a concern we will have to watch out for polar bears, leopard seals and orcas.

Donations can be made via our givestar page or website at www.emergenseaduo.com.

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