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Since 1989, C&J Marine have specialised in making top-quality, made-to-measure covers, upholstery and supplying other marine based products. We are moving forward with the times, using the latest state-of-the-art techniques. Despite this, everything is still made on site and we are proud to continue to produce such high quality, British-made goods!

We are continuing to invest in the latest software and staff training to ensure that our customer receives a service and product that are second to none. This continuous improvement philosophy reinforces our belief that our marine & leisure products and services will remain market leaders.

All this is in addition to our automated cutting table, offering our customers a faster turnaround and improve accuracy when cutting out canopies from patterns.


All of our marine acrylic fabrics have been impregnated with TEFLON®. This creates a barrier effect and reinforces the water repellency of the fabric. Furthermore, it delays the adherence of soil into the fabric.

Characteristics of Sauleda Masacril© Acrylic Canvas

  • Raw Material: 100% Masacril Acrylic, solution dyed
  • Yarns Warp: 31y/cm (Nm 34/2)
  • Yarns Weft: 15y/cm (Nm 34/2)
  • Tensile Strength Warp: 140 daN/5cm
  • Tensile Strength Weft: 95 daN/5cm
  • Weight: ~ 310 grams/m2
  • Weight PU coated: ~ 340 grams/m2
  • Weight PVC coated: ~ 450 grams/m2
  • Water Repellency: (Hydrostatic Head) ~ 300mm
  • Water Repellency (Hydrostatic Head) PU coated: ~ 800mm
  • Water Repellency (Hydrostatic Head) PVC coated and Panama weave: ~ 1000mm
  • Finishes: Fluorocarbon – Teflon®, PU coated, PVC coated

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