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Hand-crafted timber boats, working in harmony with the natural world.

BlueTree is a progressive boat building company, creating electric powered timber boats with artisanal excellence. We specialise in building purposeful boats for mission-driven businesses, aiming to align with their objectives and offer their clients a peaceful and rewarding experience.

To achieve this harmony, we strive for balance in all that we do, ensuring the well-being of future generations. Guided by our four principles, we are commited to challenging the norm and instilling permanent change. Every BlueTree boat represents our pledge to minimise environmental impact and protect our precious waterways and marine ecosystems. Through education, innovation, and determined action, we are making change a reality and building a better future.

We envision a future where the boat building industry coexists harmoniously with the natural world, leaving no unnecessary mark on the planet.

At BlueTree, we build boats that contribute to the conservation of our planet while providing pleasure and serving as a symbol of positive change. Our primary focus is on partnering with purpose-driven businesses, constructing functional craft that align with their objectives and those of their clients. We also welcome private commissions from like-minded individuals.


  • Material: Vendia ply, Oak and Douglas Fir
  • Battery: 2 x Torqeedo 24-3500Wh
  • Weight: Approx. 530 kg
  • Passengers: 8 including helm
  • Length: 5.3m / 17ft 4in
  • Beam: 1.9m / 6ft 2in
  • Draft: 0.6m
  • Freeboard: 0.8m
  • Speed: 6 knots / 11 kph
  • Motor: Torqeedo Cruise 3.0 (FP) pod drive
  • Range: 31.5nm / 58.3km (2 x batteries, cruising at 6.5kph, 9 hrs running time)*
  • Charging: 1 x battery - 12 hrs to fully recharge using standard 350 watt charger (optional 1700 watt fast charger recharges in under 2hrs)
*Dependent on factors such as load and ambient conditions.

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