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The ultimate explorer catamaran is the 47 foot (14.5m) ocean-capable Archipelago 47. Bridging the gap between performance, range and luxury accommodation, the Archipelago 47 offers the ultimate adventure. Born from the highest quality design and engineering, the Archipelago forty-seven offers ultimate performance, functionality and comfort.

From the outset we wanted the Archipelago 47 to feel like home. Many yachts with a high-level of sea-keeping ability are basic and functional, and lack the luxury feel of a family cruiser; the Archipelago 47 changes this. The yacht perfectly marries the functionality of an offshore cruiser – with easily accessible and serviceable systems – with the homely feel of a family cruiser. As we employed this philosophy from the start we are able to offer features that allow you to cruise for longer, whilst still maintaining the comfort for your family and friends.

Most family cruisers are totally impractical in the winter because they have not thought through this simple issue: light. You cannot safely navigate from a brightly-lit helmstation. When conditions demand, the Archipelago 47 features a unique saloon divide which allows the helm to safely navigate the boat from a dark, well-equipped wheelhouse, whilst family and friends can enjoy a warm lounge environment with underfloor heating, AV and galley, to keep them entertained and cosy on the coldest winter nights.


  • Length: 47' / 14.5m
  • Range: 3,000 nautical miles
  • Top speed: Up to 30 knots
  • Accommodation: Up to 8 people
  • Ocean capable
  • A variety of propulsion options available (including hybrid and electric) depending on requirement
  • Highly flexible design service with customisation as standard
  • A selection of high-quality interior finishes
  • Wheelchair accessible as standard

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