Axopar 28 CABIN


Less sportsboat, more Gran Turismo, the Axopar 28 Cabin opens up a world of possibilities for extended voyages and longer average journey times and with the Aft Cabin option, this is our biggest selling model so far.

With capability of seating up to five people within a bright and airy, full weather protected environment, there’s ample incentive for an owner and guests to spend not just a few hours onboard, but several days and even weeks enjoying their Axopar Cabin version to the full.

Boating people know the weather can be an unpredictable force and being caught out in a rain storm, or being buffeted by strong wind for hours on end can be tiring. The cabin does offer occasional sleeping possibilities for one or two, but customers find the Aft Cabin option is an even better solution for genuinely comfortable, dedicated overnight stays and drop-of-the-hat weekends away will soon become your boating norm.


  • Overall Length (excl. Engine): 8.75 m (28ft 8in)
  • Overall Length incl. Bathing Platforms: 9.18 m (30ft 1in)
  • Beam: 2.95 m (9ft 8in)
  • Height (Waterline to Roof incl. Light Mast): 2.83 m (9ft 3in)
  • Draft to props: 0.80 m (2ft 8in)
  • Weight (excl. Engine): 1,940 kg (4,277 lbs)
  • Passengers: B: 6 persons / C: 9 persons
  • Berths: 2 persons
  • Fuel capacity: 280 litres (74 gallons)
  • Construction: GRP
  • Classification: B – Offshore / C – Coastal
  • Max speed range: 32 – 46 knots
  • Outboard engines: 200 – 400 hp
  • Fuel consumption, cruise: 1.75 l / nm (350 hp @ 30 knots)
  • Hull design: Twin stepped 22 degree V “Sharp entry hull”

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