ASTUS 20.5 Trimaran


Easy to rig, handle and transport between stretches of water, the Astus concept responds to a real demand from sailors for high-performance, nomadic boats.

In line with our desire to offer outstanding, user-friendly products we are pleased to present our new model for the 2018 season, the Astus 20.5, following on from the Astus 20.2, over 120 versions of which have been sold to date.

Since the successful launch of the Astus 16.5 two years ago, in partnership with VPLP naval architects, we have continued to improve our range. While remaining true to the original ASTUSBOATS idea, the introduction of more modern, streamlined designs has enabled us to offer our customers simple and efficient boats.


  • Overall length central hull: 5.95 m
  • Float length: 5.90 m
  • Max unfolded floats width: 4.50 m
  • Folded floats width 2.48 m (lower than the road gauge)
  • Displacement: 470 Kg with central hull in infusion
  • Float volume: 930 litres / float
  • Draught:1.25 m/0.25 m pivoting center-board and rudder
  • Sail area upwind: 21 m² / 24 m² sport version
  • Sail area downwind: 34 m² / 42 m² sport version
  • Motorization max: 4,5 kw (6 HP)
  • EC Homologation:
  • Categoy C: 5 persons 425 Kg
  • Category D: 7 persons 550 Kg

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