ZPN Energy


ZPN is a leading British, fast-growing Energy Technology (EnTech) provider headquartered in Coventry (UK) that designs, develops, and produces infrastructure technologies to win the fight against climate change. ZPN contributes to a zero-carbon society as it propels the use of self-reliant, sustainable solutions and promotes a culture for cleaner air and healthier lives.

ZPN Energy has developed innovative smart green energy solutions for a variety of applications, including rapid and ultra-rapid chargers for electric vehicles. ZPN owns a unique intellectual property portfolio within its integrated energy management systems. The technology utilises a disruptive approach, turning the standard Grid into a Smart Grid by making use of IoT and machine learning to integrate data and physical assets.

As the Climate Change emergency continues to accelerate, the crisis becomes more pressing, globally, we need to explore more sustainable ways of living. ‘Build Back Better’ recovery plans need to strengthen economies whilst also laying the basis to drive prosperity in the long term. Global change is required in the energy infrastructure, sectors like construction and transport will all need to take action to become carbon neutral, creating a resilient pathway for tomorrows future, today. 

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