ARC Marine


ARC Marine is a hands-on eco engineering company specialising in nature inclusive design and advanced ecological monitoring services. In the oil, gas and offshore wind industries, projects use subsea protective components such as concrete mats, rock bags and frond mats to protect exposed cables and pipelines.

These products cause benthic damage and plastic pollution. ARC Marine are disrupting the offshore construction industries with their award-winning, patented product Reef Cubes® by accelerating reef creation through its nature inclusive design. ARC Marine’s innovative technology allows every marine and maritime project to leave a positive marine legacy.

Environmental Monitoring - ARC Marine have an in-house science team consisting of marine biologists, scientists and oceanographers capable of before and after reef installation environmental impact monitoring. We use a range of techniques tailorable to budgets including ROV analysis, BRUV (Baited Remote Underwater Video) and eDNA.

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