Slinger / Signaller

Tailored to your site and job related tasks as well as the industry basics.

Course Content:
The course consists of practical and theory instruction covering items such as:

  • The legalities, requirements and risks involved in lifting and slinging operations
  • Understanding of planning correct lifting operations, British standards and job roles
  • Theory session outlining equipment construction, dynamic stresses, slinging principles and weight calculating and estimating
  • How to correctly select and inspect lifting accessories including pre use checks and Thorough Examination schedules and criteria
  • Communication methods, signalling and controlling equipment and load movement
  • Correctly and safely sling, lift, transfer and deposit various loads (dependant on site)
  • Environmental effects on the equipment and loads
  • After use/ post lift checks and procedures.

Courses run 1-2 days, experience dependant.

Training can be carried out at one of our appropriate sites around the UK (with prior approval) or at a suitable location supplied by you (conditions apply).

Dependant on course length and location and number of candidates