Hythe Marina Village Boat Jumble Announced: Sat 13th April

Posted: 18th February 2019

We’re really pleased to let you know that Hythe Marina’s next boat jumble will take place on the morning of Saturday 13th April 2019. The boat jumble is an annual event which draws sellers and buyers from across the South Coast in search of a bargain and is run by us and Hythe Marina Association.

Entry is free for visitors, who are welcomed from 9.30am.

Always popular, those who wish to set up their stall (be it out of their boot, or on a table) are advised to be at Hythe by 8am.

Fees for selling are: car £10, 4x4s / vans £15, and car + trailer £20.

All profits from this great event will go to local good causes.

Phil Bridges, Hythe Marina’s Night Lock Keeper, says: “The boat jumble is one of the events of the year. We normally get around 40 people selling goods, from inflatable ribs to oars and outboards. There is always a bargain to be found. And, once you’ve finished shopping, visitors are more than welcome to stay for lunch at our great restaurants, the Boathouse and Marine Seventeen.”

Pitches can be booked by emailing p.bridges@mdlmarinas.co.uk, or calling the Lock Office on 023 8020 7073. Limited short stay visitor berthing is available for this event, but please phone ahead to confirm a berth as they’re subject to availability (£9.25 up to 15m – or at no cost to our Freedom Berthing customers).

Crowds shop at Hythe Boat Jumble

Grease Singalong

On the 25th May 2019

Join us on the bund for an outdoor screening of Grease on our ginormous inflatable screen and those H-U-G-E speakers were used for the Last Night of the Proms last September. Bring your deck chairs, bring your picnics, and come and sing your hearts out…!

There’s no charge for entry but there will be a bucket collection for the Hythe Pier Heritage Association during the evening. It’ll be a late start owing to there being too much daylight (exact times to be confirmed shortly) so check the Hythe Marina's Facebook page nearer the time.

Its gonna be big, it's going to be loud, it's gonna be fun, and yes you're welcome to dress up!

For More Information
Call: 023 8020 7073
Email: The Lock Office team
Website: http://www.savehythepier.org.uk

Mamma Mia! Singalong

On the 22nd June 2019

Join us on the bund for an outdoor screening of Mamma Mia! on our ginormous inflatable screen and those H-U-G-E speakers were used for the Last Night of the Proms last September. Bring your deck chairs, bring your picnics, and come and sing you hearts out…!

There’s no charge for entry but there will be a bucket collection for the Honeypot charity during the evening. It’ll be a late start owing to there being too much daylight (time to be confirmed shortly) so check this page nearer the time or see our Facebook page.

Its gonna be big, its gonna be loud, its gonna be fun, and yes you are welcome to dress up!

For More Information
Call: 023 8020 7073
Email: Phil Bridges
Website: https://www.honeypot.org.uk

Bank Holiday BBQ

On the 26th August 2019

Join us for a mouth-watering feast! Complete with a cool tipple.

The South Coast Boat Show 2019

From 17th May 2019 until 19th May 2019

The South Coast Boat Show is being held at Ocean Village Marina, 17-19 May 2019. This brand-new event will feature the marine industry’s most exciting and innovative global power and sail brands. There will be over fifty new boats on display for serious buyers to explore. The show is timed perfectly for those wishing to get afloat this season in a stunning 20-60 foot sail or power boat.

Over twenty top brands are already confirmed including: Arcona Yachts, Axopar London Group, Bavaria, Beneteau power and sail, Dehler, Dragonfly, Dufour Yachts, Elan, Fjord, Fleming, Fountaine Pajot, Galeon, Hallberg-Rassy, Hanse, J-Boats, Jeanneau power and sail, Lagoon catamarans, Marlin, Najad Yachts, Nautitech, Ocqueteau, Rhea, Sasga Yachts, Sargo and X-Yachts.

For More Information
Call: 023 8022 9385
Email: Scott Farquharson
Website: http://southcoastboatshow.com

Halloween at Hythe

On the 31st October 2019

Our spooky boss “Frightful Frank” thought it would be fun to have a pumpkin carving completion on Halloween night!

There will be prizes for best resident, berth holder and Hythe local people entries.

To enter just pop along to the lock office anytime from 13:00 to 19:00 on October 31st where "Fearsome Fiona", “Awful Andy" & “Morbid Mike” will show you where to display your pumpkins.

Night Lockkeeper “Deathwish Door Dougie” will pick the winners just after 19:30 so make sure you leave a phone number or email address!

For More Information
Call: 023 8020 7073
Email: The Lock Office team
Website: http://www.hythemarinavillage.co.uk

Winterising your motor boat

Posted: 21st January 2019

Despite the exceptionally mild start to the winter, the threat of a sudden cold spell may be just a forecast away. If we get another beast from the east, or even just a standard seasonal cold snap, is your boat prepared? asks Neale Byart, editor of Motorboat Owner.

Winterising is the act of protecting your boat, its equipment and contents from the ravages of the winter weather. Failing to carry out any preparation for winter can result in expensive damage to the engine, domestic water system and even your soft furnishings. 

While many marinas, such as MDL, offer lifting capabilities and boat yard services at heavily discounted berth holder prices to help keep your pride and joy in tip top condition with hull scrubs, anti-foul and other maintenance, there are practical steps you can take while berthed.

Here we break down the process of winterising your boat into three categories. First, there is the ‘must dos’. These are the jobs that you should carry out as an absolute minimum, and look after the areas most likely to be affected by a cold spell and most costly to put right. Next we have the ‘good to do’ list. These are jobs that it would be worth considering, as they will keep other parts of your boat fresh and undamaged by winter ravages. Lastly there is the ‘also consider’ list. These are jobs that are good to get done at this time of year. Possibly because they will give you an early ‘heads up’ if anything is wrong, allowing you plenty of time to get things fixed before next season, or maybe just because it means your boat will be in a better state of readiness to go in the spring when the weather finally breaks, meaning you can get back on the water with the minimum of work.

Must do

The most important, and expensive, item on your boat is its engine or engines. Seriously cold weather can cause water in the cooling system to freeze and expand. This in turn can crack any part of the cooling system, including the engine block itself. 

On a raw-water cooled engine you can choose to simply drain all cooling water, but if the water is salty, you will still be leaving behind a certain amount of potentially corrosive mixture. Far better is to mix up a solution of antifreeze and run it through the engine, either by pouring it into the raw water strainer, lowering the sterndrive into a container containing the mix or by using some engine flush muffs. 

Engines with an enclosed cooling system will still have some raw water inside certain parts of the cooling system, such as heat exchanges and raw water pumps. Again this can be drained or purged using the same method as above.

Even though engine blocks with an enclosed cooling system are protected by the antifreeze that the coolant should have within it, it is worth remembering that this should be changed every couple of years to ensure its efficiency. On an engine with an enclosed cooling system, you should, at least, test the enclosed antifreeze mixture to ensure it is capable of doing its job. 

Domestic water system

Perhaps the most common form of frost damage experienced is to the boat’s domestic water systems. The best thing you can do to protect this part of the boat is to completely drain it. You can simply run your taps until the tank runs dry, and this will remove most of the water from the system, but there will still be enough trapped water inside the pipe work and taps to cause damage. Once the tank is empty, take the supply hose from the tank and using a dinghy pump blow water out of the system by opening one tap at a time. Don’t forget any taps out in the cockpit or on the transom, as these are the most vulnerable. You can then leave all taps open to allow any remaining water a bit of expansion room, if required.

Don’t forget to drain your water heater. If you have a calorifier, just take off the lower hose. If you have a gas water heater, it should have a drain cock that you can simply undo. Check your owner’s manual for its location. 

If the worst comes to the worst and something does goes awry, many marinas offer boat maintenance and engineering. MDL’s network even welcomes outside contractors onto marinas with its open yard policy, plus for MDL members there is often substantial discounts from onsite tenants.

Good to Do

Make the most of winter offers which are offered by marinas like MDL and get ahead of the game with a quick lift and check for hull damage, scrubbing and anti-fouling. Plus, your marina manager or onsite chandlery will be able to tell you which anti-foul you should be using in the local area. 

Soft furnishings can take a bit of a beating in a cold and potentially damp environment. If you can, take them off the boat and store them at home somewhere dry. If you can’t take them home, or have nowhere to store them, you need to ensure the boat remains as dry as possible. Fix any leaks, ensure all covers are in good condition and all cover fixings are in place. You could consider running an electric dehumidifier for a few hours a day if you have access to a reliable source of power. If not, you may be better off ensuring good ventilation through the boat by leaving a hatch or porthole or two open. Just make sure that they are ones that won’t let rain in. 

The boat’s exterior is fully exposed to the worst of the weather so consider giving the boat a final wash and then apply a generous coat of a good quality wax. You don’t have to polish the wax off until the spring, when doing so should reveal a nicely preserved and shiny boat beneath. 

If you have any grey or black water tanks, have them pumped out and flushed through, leaving them empty and clean ready for the next season. Don’t forget the little grey water shower sumps. These should be emptied, which also gives you an opportunity to clean the filter to ensure another year of trouble-free service.

Using a good corrosion protection product, give the engines, mechanicals and any exposed electrical items a good spray. While you are working in these parts of the boat, perhaps also grease any movable linkages and squirt some grease into any grease points.

The subject of fuel tanks is a thorny one. Our recommendations would be to leave petrol tanks as empty as possible and diesel tanks full. A full diesel tank will ensure there is minimal internal tank surface left for condensation to form on, keeping your fuel as free of water as possible. Petrol, on the other hand, does not keep well, particularly in a vented tank, so you would be better off starting the new season with a fresh tank of fuel. Adding a fuel stabiliser to any petrol that does remain in the tank should help ensure it keeps it fresh enough to start the boat in the spring and get you to the fuel berth.

To ensure that your batteries make it through the winter, check the electrolyte levels, top up if required, and ensure that they are fully charged. If possible, give them a trickle charge, or a sporadic short charge, during the winter to keep them in top condition.

Also consider

These are not really winterising jobs, but are good to do now for a number of reasons, but mainly because it means that, come spring, the boat should be in a ‘ready to go’ state with no nasty surprises lurking.

Change the engine oil. Old engine oil contains contaminants that can harm the internals of your engine. If you change the oil now, the clean fresh oil will coat and protect the internal running surfaces. It will also provide an early ‘heads up’ of any problems such as water or fuel contamination.

Change your sterndrive or outboard gearbox oil. It is not uncommon to find water contamination here, so you don’t want to leave that water in contact with your gears all winter. It will also give you a few months to get the source of the problem fixed, making use of a quieter time of year for most marine engineers. If you leave it until spring, you may find yourself at the back of a very long queue.

Check your props for damage. Like good engineers, the people who refurbish propellers get very busy in the spring, so get the prop off and in for repair early, if required.

Lastly, check your safety equipment. Items such as lifejackets, liferafts, PLBs, EPIRBs and firefighting equipment all have service requirements and/or expiry dates. Winter is a good time to get these items serviced, or hunt out some well-priced replacements.

If you’re berthed at a great marina, you can always ask for advice from the marina staff. MDL’s marinas offer members a a 30% discount on boat yard services and have 13 boatyards across the UK network – with lifting capabilities for all types of boat. The company offers inclusive storage ashore and with 500 tenants across its network, MDL always knows someone who can help.

Last Night of the Proms - Live BBC TV Simulcast Outdoor Concert

On the 14th September 2019

Those jolly nice people at the BBC have once again given us permission to stream their "Last Night of the Proms" concert at the Albert Hall in London LIVE to the grassy area just before the boatyard. We used a giant screen and stereo speakers and were told it could be heard in Dockhead last year! 

All are welcome, it's a free event, so make sure you bring a picnic, some fold-up chairs, glasses and a bottle of your favourite wine. Bring a coat or blanket cos sometimes September evenings can start to get chilly, though we were very lucky last year. 

For More Information
Call: 023 8020 7073
Email: Phil Bridges
Website: http://www.hythemarinavillage.co.uk

Hythe Marina Village Boat Jumble

On the 13th April 2019

Owing to high demand our annual boat jumble in association with Hythe Marina Association will be held on Saturday, April 13th 2019, 09:30 to 12:00 (we often overrun!)

  • Cars\Tables £10
  • 4x4s and vans £15
  • Car + trailer £20

All profits to local good causes.

To book your pitch please send an email to Phil Bridges.

For More Information
Call: 023 8020 7073
Email: Phil Bridges
Website: http://www.hythemarinavillage.co.uk

Hythe Marina Seafood Festival

On the 8th June 2019

Hythe's first ever Seafood Festival coupled with our popular Family Day! Free admission, loads of really interesting stalls selling seafood and local produce, fun events to try your hand at, free admission, free local parking with access via a free land train and lots more besides. We'll be updating this page as more details unfold, it's gonna be fun folks!  

For More Information
Call: 023 8020 7073
Email: Phil Bridges
Website: http://www.hythemarinavillage.co.uk