New Lifting Services at Bray Marina

Posted: 26th March 2018

We’d like to welcome Bray Lifting Services (BLS) as the new full-time crane operators at our Bray Marina. They’ll be offering a safe and secure lifting service, using the crane with a boat mover to transport our members boats. The safe operating area for the crane has now been indicated with yellow hatched markings on the road. To ensure that all lifts and boat movements are completed safely, BLS and MDL staff may direct cars and pedestrians during these activities.

We’ll try to do most of our boat lifting between 8am and 11am, weekdays, to avoid busy lunch and evening meal times at Riverside Brasserie.

There will be signs directing where you can park, and the pathway you need to follow to reach Riverside Brasserie. Any signs in place, measures taken and staff instructions are designed to protect our restaurant goers, berth holders, guests and their property. Please be patient and respect the staff instructions and signs as directed.

Access to Riverside Brasserie
During the winter, access to Riverside Brasserie was via the facilities corridor, where we’ve also installed new showers, flooring and ceiling in the toilets en-route to the restaurant. During the summer, you can walk to the water front and enter the restaurant through our patio doors.

It’ll be lovely to see you all soon, to welcome you all to the start of the new season!