Your Questions Answered

Q. Where can I spend my rewards?
A. A full list of participating marina tenant companies are listed here and will be updated constantly.

Q. How long is the shelf life of my rewards? Do they have to be taken in 2019?
A. Your rewards must be redeemed or cashed-in within 12 months of issue.

Q. What happens if someone that I introduce then goes on to introduce someone himself, do I get anything then?
A. No; unless you directly introduce someone you don't benefit. In this example he would create his own network and leave yours, as you can only ever be in one network.

Q. It says that it doesn't matter when your friends take up annual berthing – your rewards will be adjusted respectively – how does that work?
A. The scheme is based upon attracting geniune new customers and additional vessels into our marinas. If your friends join us on a 12-month berthing contract we'll honour the reward(s).

Q. Why won't you give a reward for trailer/sailors, jet-ski, dory or swing moorings, they are still new customers to you?
A. Frankly, there is not enough gross value in these types of contract to justify rewards at the level we are offering – and we did not want to offer two-tier rewards.

Q. What happens if one or more of my friends cancel, do I have to pay something back?
A. No – once you have successfully introduced someone and they have signed up for and occupied an annual berth in the usual way, then your reward(s) and those of all the friends in the network is secure.

Q. Do I have any responsibility for friends that cannot pay for their berthing for any reason?
A. Definitely not – once you have successfully introduced someone and they have become an annual member, then you are entitled to your reward(s) and any credit risk is ours.


Terms and Conditions

  1. 'Friends' are new members to MDL Marinas and/or old members – either of whom (a) must not have held an annual (Freedom Berthing) contract with MDL Marinas in the last 12 months and (b) are introduced/reintroduced to MDL Marinas by you during the period up to and including 31st December 2019 when this offer ends.
  2. Rewards issued under the scheme can be redeemed at the following percentages of value:- Nominated tenants – 100%; Wine company – 100%; Gift to charity with the RNLI – 100%; Consumables (except fuel) on your MDL current account – 80%; Against next year's 2020/21 berthing package – 125%.
  3. Only one person can introduce a particular 'friend'. In the event of any competing claims or conflict as to who has introduced a friend we will take the first proven point of introduction as we see it and our decision in the matter must be accepted as final. You can only belong to one friends network.
  4. This offer cannot be used with any other promotions and will not apply to any existing suspended account or ownership transfers already notified to us and in process.
  5. This offer will not be extended to any introduction of monthly customers, trailer/sailor, jet ski or swing mooring contracts. The scheme applies only to introductions that lead to a genuine new (to MDL) member and vessel coming via a Freedom Berthing contract (pontoon or dry stack).
  6. MDL existing Terms and Conditions also apply, including those of Freedom Berthing membership which can be found on the MDL website and in your annual contract.
  7. You must be a continuing MDL member yourself at all times in order to redeem your rewards.
  8. Services must be redeemed within the time detailed by the providing tenant company.